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Nothing is as life changing as having to deal with the loss of a loved one. Our guest Toyin Johnson describes the challenges of widowhood, working and raising her two kids in her new reality.

From witnessing the murder of her husband at the hands of armed bandits to facing the reality of widowhood, single parenting and societal stigma, Omobolanle Deji-Jemiyo takes us through the pain, guilt and restoration as she found beauty in place of ashes in remarriage.

Nothing is as life changing as having to deal with the loss of a loved one. Our guest Toyin Johnson describes the challenges of widowhood, working and raising her two kids in her new reality.

From taking a chance at online dating to meeting a dashing young man with a disarming smile, Yvonne shares her journey about marrying her heartthrob, Tade who's living with disability and the day to day joys and challenges of an inter-abled relationship.

Would age deter you from falling in love? In this episode, Nene Akintan shares her story about marrying a younger man and dealing with multiple deaths in her family. Please share your comments below.

This episode features the story of Vivian Adeoye as she shares her experience of domestic abuse in marriage. Domestic abuse and domestic violence are issues affecting many communities. We applaud Vivian for not only speaking up, but now using her experience as a springboard that's bringing awareness to the issue of domestic abuse and domestic violence. Please support Vivian and support her NGO Providence house Partners

In many cultures around the world, success is not attributed to unmarried women. From family pressures to societal expectations, many unmarried successful women, live lives away from the limelight. This episode focuses on Yvonne, an unmarried, successful woman living in the moment and counting her many blessings each day in gratitude for all that she is blessed to have and not what might be missing!

Migrating from one country to another comes with various challenges. Many countries require professionals to write several qualifying exams to be certified or licensed to practice in their new jurisdictions. Sometimes, a choice must be made between surviving in the new country and pursuing one’s profession. This often results in many migrants abandoning their dreams of pursuing a career in their chosen profession, in favor of "any job that pays the bill". In this episode, Boma, a lawyer from Nigeria shares her story of coming to Canada.

For many Christians, marrying a fellow believer (another Christian), is a basic foundation of marriage. What happens however, when that foundation is found to be faulty? Our guest – Roli Segun-Ajala speaks about the stark realities couples must grapple with when Christianity is just not enough to sustain a marriage.

In commemoration of Mothers Day (May 14, 2023), this episode highlights Myra Nze's journey to motherhood- the surprises, the twists and turns she experienced and the joys of welcoming her son home after weeks at the intensive care unit. A very Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers, Mothers in waiting and Mother figures. May your children rise and call you blessed. Amen!

The Mission of Talk With Mo is sharing unique perspectives along life journeys. Our Visions is Releasing Burdens, finding hope, one voice at a time. Our Objective is: Creating a safe space to unburden, inspire and motivate. These Mission, Vision and Objective statements are our guiding principles as we strive to bring you authentic real life (changing) stories. We will be true to these objectives. It is a real privilege to be trusted by guests to share their stories with the rest of the world. We don't take this privilege for granted. Our guests can always trust us to share their stories in a respectful, judgement free manner. It is hoped that sharing their stories will bring healing to them while motivating and inspiring others. Where this is not true of any story, such story would have failed to meet our guiding principles and would therefore be unpublished.

Exactly one year after experiencing a massive seizure (May 17, 2022), and being diagnosed with a tumor in her brain, Talika shares her fears, her joys and the faith that keeps her moving as a single mom of three, caring for a severely autistic child, and a community advocate. Apart from being a parent advocate and Parent chair, Talika also seats on the board of Partners for Planning. Check out this organization and the resources available for persons with disabilities: *CORRECTION* Tumor is BENIGN NOT Malignant!

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